live #17
Sheila On 7

What did the 90s teach you?

It taught me that good music doesn’t bullshit. Good Pop music empowers you in the simplest ways: honest, straightforward and strangely, well marketed. Sheila on 7 formed in 1996 and the first album was released at the edge of the decade (1999) but the self-titled album resonated pretty much how Indonesian Pop Music was back then. This was when the industry was still working, arguably healthy.

Fortunately, I’ve lived those days as a kid. I was still at Junior High School snitching Porn VCDs when the album came. But being where I am now, I feel in the 90s there were values regarding nurturing music that are being abandoned today. Digging acknowledgements were obviously harder. Therefore, process of building presence was longer and tougher. This is usually where consistency and character come, inexplicably. Song crafting was simpler, with limited sources of reference and information, making interaction and chemistry obligatory. The weight of music as an art form was still protruding, lyrics was an essential component and often built in a poetic way.

S07 have been singing about being old and separated (Sebuah Kisah Klasik, Waktu Yang Tepat Untuk Berpisah, Saat Aku Lanjut Usia) since the millennium, but the melodious forecasts haven’t been confirmed so far, making the Jogja-based (except Brian) boys become the nicest Pop Mogul in the business. S07 musical ingredients are simple, really.

Entering their sweet seventeen since the self-titled in 1999, they almost NEVER change their music direction, there’re no huge experiments or revenue-driven gimmicks while maintaining a robust fanbase, steady gigs and of course income. It’s all good music and good attitude, ultimately. Their creative powerhouse Eross Candra is truly Indonesia’s national treasure, an ace songwriter, amazing guitarist.

This performance hit me in the face, made me realize how important being real and humble in music. It was not only good music, but also a proper, well-delivered entertainment for the audience. S07 were not trying to be someone else, the planned stage gimmicks were all spot on and cohesive with their image as a band. Even the random ones - like when GIGI frontman Armand Maulana showed up, quickly mirrored by the other members of the group just to say hi to them - looked surprisingly natural.

S07 is a living proof of good pop music from real people. I guess at the end of the day it’ll be always about the music. We are proud to archive this performance, one of the longest running Pop band in Indonesia. Sounds From The Corner Presents: Sheila on 7. Enjoy! - Teguh Wicaksono


  1. Sahabat Sejati
  2. Betapa
  3. Pemuja Rahasia
  4. Yang Terlewatkan
  5. Seberapa Pantas
  6. Lapang Dada
  7. Pria Kesepian
  8. Lapang Dada
  9. Melompat Lebih Tinggi
  10. Dan
  11. Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan



dimas wisnuwardono
ferry aryo seto
herald reynaldo
ananda suryo anindyo
akbar assa saputra
dhea febrina nursyamsika


barlian chrisna yoga
bayu perkasa
adam imaduddin


dimas wisnuwardono


teguh wicaksono
ananda suryo anindyo

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live #17
Sheila On 7
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